Pre-Service Checklist

Before we service your home or business, we ask that you keep the following in mind in order to ensure the best experience possible:

- Please remove any knick-nacks or valuables from window sills, any hanging art or dangling items, and any stickers that you do not want to get damaged.

- Please move any obstacles such as: furniture, dressers, bed/frames, nightstands, sofas, etc., away from your windows so that we can access the glass effectively. If there is anything you cannot move, we will gladly provide assistance!

- Please make sure that all doors are unlocked and, if necessary, security systems disabled.

- To ensure the safety of both our cleaners and your pets, please make sure that any animals are secured in a designated space. 


Rain Policy

Our rain policy is simple: we guarantee satisfaction for 48 hours!

Did you know?

Rain water does not dirty your windows, rather it is the build-up of dust and dirt on the exterior of the house or around the window frame which, when exposed to rain, drips onto the glass and causes the dirty appearance. 

San Diego, CA   92107